After Gijs de Lange say goodbye, cast members leave the Klokhuis office: ‘If one of us falls over, we all go’ | show

updateViewers of The core have another emotional episode of The Klokhuis office been presented. After the departure of Ben last week due to the death of Gijs de Lange, the other three employees left the office last night. The actors have been playing together for fifteen years.

Wouter (Rogier in ‘t Hout), Timo (Sergio IJssel) and Leonoor (Anniek Pheifer) are going on a world trip, as became clear in the episode. Their successors are already ready. “We left for Het Noorderlicht with the northern sun. The Klokhuis does not belong to us, but to everyone with a Klokhuis heart,” the three of them stated in their last episode.

Last week, the makers of the NTR youth program The core a final salute to their colleague Gijs de Lange, who passed away in May at the age of 65. The broadcast showed how his character Ben Kokkelman, the chef of The Klokhuis officehas suddenly left, much to the chagrin of the other characters.

Broadcaster NTR announced today that the cast members found it ‘too difficult’ to continue after De Lange’s death. It means the end of an era: they played together for fifteen years in The core. “They’ve always said to each other, ‘If one of us falls over, we’ll all leave.’ And that’s what happened,” a spokesperson said.

Time, Leonoor and Wouter. © NTR

Because the illness was so short, the makers of Het Klokhuis De Lange could not have written from the series in a nice way after his death. ,,We wanted to do that, because he was a well-known figure to so many viewers. But that has not been possible anymore,” said Jurrian van Dongen after his death in May.

The scenes in the The Klokhuis office will continue with a new cast. Maria Kraakman plays Heleen – the new chef – Sarah Janneh is Peggy, editor technology and science, and Rop Verheijen takes on the role of Luuk, editor people and animals. From next Monday, Sidar Toksöz can also be seen as Rodîn, who will work as an editor for things and factories.

On Twitter, viewers react sadly to the departure of the old cast members.

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