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BVAfter two clothing collections, Julie Vermeire (24) goes a step further. She will release her own jewelery collection at the end of this month. “Rings, earrings and necklaces in gold, pink and green,” she proudly shows. “I like colour, so my collection is very festive,” she tells Dag Alles.

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Hey everyone

Julie’s jewelery will be for sale at Kruidvat. Not exactly the more exclusive segment that other BVs often opt for, but Julie deliberately did not want that. “I was a bit hesitant,” she says. “But Kruidvat showed me all sorts of things and there was very open communication. I have many young followers on TikTok between six and eighteen years old, for them it is nice that the jewelry is low budget. I have also asked my friends for advice and they are very enthusiastic.”

Julie is of course not a jewelery designer, but she helped choose the rings, earrings and necklaces. Taking a course in jewelery making does not seem to be an option for her for the time being. “It looks cool to be able to design your own rings, but I don’t know if I’m creative enough,” she says. “But I did help choose the items and had a say in the colours. I find it very festive, it can stand out. I myself love rings and without earrings I just feel naked. I already have two holes in each ear.”

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Engagement ring

James Cooke was given an engagement ring by Dorian that he had designed himself. Maybe Julie hopes her boyfriend Laurins will one day do the same for her? “Gosh, like me, he has no experience in that,” she says. “There are enough rings for sale, right? But if someone can help him with that, why not? It does make a ring more personal. But an engagement isn’t on the cards yet, you know. We’ll see when it comes. We are already very happy that living together is going so well. I’ve been doing laundry and peeing since I was fifteen, so I was used to that. Laurins has taken over the cooking, because he is just good at it.”

Julie lives with Laurins in Kortrijk, at some distance from her father Jacques Vermeire. “But I go at least twice a week,” she says. “Also to see my friends. I like being at home. Dad is still recovering from his broken shoulder. It won’t be 100 percent okay, I’m afraid. But it functions. He now travels every month with Urbanus for a TV program and he is working on a new show. The theater show with me and my brother Maxime, which we unfortunately had to postpone, will probably be for the fall of 2023.”

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Grown a lot

You don’t have to wait until then to see Julie at work, though. At the end of December she will be on TV again, in ‘A Real Job’ on VTM. “My exclusivity contract with SBS has ended, so I am free to come and go as I please,” says Julie. “I’m glad they asked me, because healthcare has always fascinated me. I am a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fan. (laughs) My grandmother was a nurse, and I also like to help people. As a smooth talker, I hope I can transfer my positive energy to patients on gloomy days. A nice challenge. Maybe I will end up in geriatrics, then I can prepare myself to help dad or my grandparents later.”

Julie realizes all too well that this reality series will be something very different from the glitz and glamor of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. “In ‘A Real Job’ I can be completely myself, I’m looking forward to that,” she says. “I am now 24, since I started in the media three years ago, I have grown a lot. I used to be rather gullible, now I have much more human knowledge and I am more realistic. In the media world you have many sharks and false promises, there are many dangers. Fortunately, I am well surrounded by four men: my dad, my manager Thomas, my friend Laurins and my dog ​​Sunny. So I feel well protected. Although I can also stand my ground.” (laughs)

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