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Valuation service

Cookies and other goodies, you can’t start early enough – if it’s up to the cookie bakers. And that’s why there are now cookies on the shelf of the supermarket that you can enjoy as early as six months old. What exactly makes those cookies suitable for our babies? They are packed with vitamin B if the packaging is to be believed, but who needs that anyway? And what else are they chock-full of?

The Baby Cookies episode of the program ‘Value inspection service’. © KRO-NCRV

The Helm – last episode

Marijn and Maurice do not feel at home in a society where everything revolves around money, ambition, work, status and outward appearance. And so they leave for Portugal with their son, where they temporarily take up residence in a borrowed quinta. But once in Portugal, the duo finds out that money doesn’t fall from the sky there either and that they have to roll up their sleeves to be able to build a future at all.

Marijn and Maurice in 'Het Roer Om'.
Marijn and Maurice in ‘Het Roer Om’. © SBS6


Veronica Superguide Score: ★★★★

No matter how much the differences between the raw white bouncer Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen) and the cultured black pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) are emphasized, you immediately realize that the two are going to get big. Because they are taking a road trip through the south of the US and because the actors have an excellent chemistry that many a loving couple can still envy. Their chatter and bickering adds humor without diminishing the seriousness of the matter. There were Oscars for Mahershala Ali, the film and the screenplay.

Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali in a scene from 'Green Book'.
Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali in a scene from ‘Green Book’. © AP/Universal Pictures

Chucky – start season 2

After his diabolical plans were foiled in the first season, the possessed horror doll Chucky wants revenge on those he holds responsible: Jake, Devon, Lexy, and his ex Tiffany. The teenagers have since been transferred to a Catholic boarding school, where they have to atone for their sins. But the doll and his retinue are never far away…

Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler in the first season of Chucky.
Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler in the first season of Chucky. © Steve Wilkie/USA Network

Candy: A Skater’s Mind

Skating is everything in Candy Jacobs’ life. The best female skateboarder in Europe can only be herself on her board. She is addicted to the four-wheeled board, but that addiction has a destructive downside. Because what happens to her if she can’t skate because of a serious knee injury? On the way to eternal fame, during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, fate strikes mercilessly.

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