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The Toppers can’t wait to play in a full Johan Cruijff Arena again this weekend for the first time in over 3.5 years. The supergroup of René Froger, Gerard Joling, Jeroen van der Boom and Jan Smit is also celebrating a special milestone: the third concert on Sunday will be their fiftieth Arena show.

“It feels like coming home,” says Smit about returning to Amsterdam. Due to the corona crisis, no concerts have been scheduled in recent years. “Of course we have been allowed to do something for a while now, but with so many people together it still feels quite unreal. That makes me very happy.”

On the eve of three shows in the Johan Cruijff Arena (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Gerard Joling can hardly believe it has been so long ago. He considers it an honor that the Toppers can fill the Arena again. ,,That we can stand here again, do beautiful songs, with a large orchestra, wind instruments, strings, all the trimmings, tightrope walkers, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. I am just grateful and happy.”

The singer also thinks it’s great that the Toppers and the entire concept around it still exist after eighteen years. “It is very special that it has lasted so long and that people are still enthusiastic,” says Joling. Van der Boom says that it is especially a milestone for Froger, who was soon to be the only Topper at all fifty shows. ,,He once came up with this company with the idea: let’s give it a try. And then you are still standing there after so many years with practically the same team. Because not only for the Toppers, but also for many people behind the scenes, it will be their fiftieth show.”

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The theme this year is: Happy together ‘the flower power edition’. The Toppers go back to the time of the hippies and flower power. The color of this year: purple! The Toppers sang a new song called Happy together. This year’s guests include Mart Hoogkamer, Rolf Sanchez, rapper Donnie, Emma Heesters and Bizzey.

With Jan Smit in the ranks, who joined five years ago, the Toppers can last a long time, the gentlemen think. Van der Boom: ,,The composition as it is now is very nice for all of us. With Jan there, the average age has been reduced somewhat, but at the same time we gained a lot of experience. And four on a stage is much better. Especially in recent years I am really happy with how we are doing.”

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