10,000th visitor for film Grutte Pier

Fri November 18, 2022 1:13 PM

BOLSWARD – This week the 10,000th visitor of the Frisian adventure film Grutte Pier in Bolsward was put in the spotlight by director Steven de Jong. During a film lecture at the Marne college, it is student Isa Chui who goes home with the real Frisian Grutte Pier package. This makes Grutte Pier the best-attended Frisian-language film in 20 years.

Grutte Pier, which has been in cinemas since October 27, tells the story of the Frisian freedom fighter Pier Gerlofs Donia, the legendary warrior who is an important historical figure for Friesland. An ode to Fryslân that fought for freedom and had to appeal to its soul for a better life. Watch the trailer here.

Steven de Jong, director of Grutte Pier: “I am happy and grateful that we reached the 10,000th visitor today. It is a pity that due to the busy schedules of cinemas in the Randstad, no place has yet been made for Grutte Pier. That is why we are all the more pleased with the good reactions and visitor numbers in Friesland.”

Single – Griene Tsiss

Sam Kramer’s new single Griene Tsiss was also released today. The single is on Grutte Pier’s music album. The title song of the film Do bist mijn lân sung by Elske DeWall and Milan van Weelden is also part of the album. Griene Tsiss can be heard here.

Film College

In addition to regular screenings in cinemas, Grutte Pier also has a successful tour in which director Steven de Jong and cast member and singer Carla deBruine provide film lectures. In the film lecture, it is explained how the film came about and the musical aspect of the film is supported by live performances. The tour will continue throughout the winter past village houses, schools and film houses and can be booked via www.filmambassade.nl, which is committed to the Dutch independent filmmaker.

The story

It is 1514, a year in which every uprising is suppressed by mercenaries who also rob the oppressed citizens of their property. The imposing Grutte Pier, as strong as an ox and 2.10 meters long, lives a modest life with his family on his farm. The love for his wife Rintsje (Elske DeWall), his children and Fryslân ensure that Pier manages to keep the peace in his head, despite the increasingly loud voices in his head. When Pier’s farm, blessed with an enormous sense of justice, is also looted and set on fire, the blood swirls more and more violently through his veins. He decides to free his country from everything and everyone who thinks they can play the boss…


The leading role of Grutte Pier is played by Milan van Weelden (known from musicals such as Billy Elliot and Macbeth), who has mastered Frisian especially for Grutte Pier. Singer Elske DeWall (country group The BlueBirds, The Passion) makes her feature film debut and Bram van der Vlugt can be seen in his last film role. In addition to them, we see, among others, Carla DeBruine, Syb van der Ploeg (lead singer of De Kast), Jan Arendz (Kameleon) and Cas Jansen (GTST, De 12 van Oldenheim).

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