20 years of Cakes from Abel: beautiful moments – with S10!

Confectioner Siemon de Jong, better known as ‘Abel’, has been baking cakeswith children on TV for twenty (!) years now. With trays full of flour,speckles and marzipan, De Jong enters the living rooms of children in theNetherlands to make a cake together for a loved one. hence the name Pies ofAbel.

The children often tell the most special stories to the TV baker while baking.These stories are often about something they have to deal with in their dailylives. Because it can be such a moving program, has Subway some beautifulmoments from twenty years Pies of Abel organised.

New season of Pies of Abel

Before we look back, let’s look forward to the new season Pies of Abel. Thisjubilee season focuses on, among other things, being non-binary, living in afoster family, losing friends due to your parents’ divorce, forming identicaltwins, only being able to see your mother once every six weeks, your careprovider putting the spotlight on your father, working hard to become a folksinger, having lots of step-brothers and sisters, getting to know the role ofreligion in your life and your donor father.

1. The gifted Auke

In 2014, the then 11-year-old Auke appeared in Pies of Abel. He wants tobake a cake for his teacher Co. The boy speaks clearly about his dreams ofhelping people. “Because if you are gifted, you don’t necessarily have to havea professor.” He also said that he was being bullied and that master Co helpedhim with that. In addition to football and current affairs, Meester Co lovesnature and joking. Auke is also not averse to a joke, so he makes a funnynatural cake for Co. Or was it just a natural joke cake?

2. Jasmine and Irma Sluis

10-year-old Jasmijn bakes a cake for her godfather. She lives with her twohearing brothers and her two deaf parents. Her uncle has Usher syndrome, whichmeans that he is slowly becoming blind and deaf. Sign language is thereforecentral. It is therefore no surprise that Irma Sluis also makes an appearancein this episode. She is, of course, the sign language interpreter.

3. Ihsan from the neighborhood family

Ihsan would like to make a football cake for Patrick, the father of theneighborhood family he visits every week. Ihsan’s own father died before Ihsanwas born, but Patrick does all boy things with Patrick. Ihsan regularlyquarrels with his older brother Imran, but it’s always fun with theneighborhood family.

4. Araya with divorced parents

Araya’s parents divorced three years ago and she now lives with her mother andsister. She really wants to make a cake with Abel for her dear father Remybecause she misses him so much. She is happy that her parents are gettingalong better after the divorce and she thinks that deserves a nice reward.

VPRO | Pies of Abel>> Araya’s parents divorced three years ago and she now lives with her mother> and sister. She really wants to make a cake with Abel for her dear father> Remy because she misses him. Watch Cakes from Abel now on NPO Start:> bit.ly/TvA-Araya>> Posted by VPRO on Tuesday, March 1, 2022

5. S10 of the Eurovision Song Contest as a child

“I want to start a singing school when I grow up or become a youthpsychiatrist.” S10 was 12 years old when she competed Pies of Abel. Shetalks about puberty, her twin brother and what she might achieve in thefuture… We now know a thing or two about that.

Cakes from Abel: Stien>> ‘I want to start a singing school when I grow up or become a youth> psychiatrist’. S10 was twelve years old when she and Siemon made a cake from> ‘Taarten van Abel’ and talked about life. Watch ‘Tarts van Abel’ on NPO> Start: bit.ly/tva-S10>> Posted by VPRO on Monday, May 9, 2022

The first episode of the twentieth season of Pies van Abel can be seen on NPOZapp from today at 9.30 am.