Laughter and compliments for ‘flower pot’ haircut Anouk

Who last night to talk show Race on Saturday looked, must have noticed.Singer Anouk has a new haircut. And not just any hairstyle, some people thinkof the woman from the Kruidvat advertisement, others see it as a ‘flowerpot’.But the singer also receives many compliments. β€œFair is fair, she can takeit!”

Yesterday was a special episode of presenter Renze Klamer’s talk show, wheremany artists came to talk about the 25th anniversary of the Friends of AmstelLive concert series. All kinds of artists were guests from Ahoy, includingNick and Simon and therefore Anouk.

Viewers about Anouk’s haircut: ‘Bloempot’

This time no long locks or cropped hair, but a completely new haircut forAnouk. The haircut of the singer is a good laugh. Comparisons are also made.It reminds one of a character played by American actor Ben Stiller, forexample. Or the woman from the Kruidvat commercial. β€œFlower pot,” someonewrites.

πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ #renze>>> β€” Pascal (@Passion86) January 7,> 2023

Scare!! Turn on the TV> #renze and> look at Anouk’s haircut, looks just like that woman from the Kruitvat> commercial> #renzeopsaturday> #kruidvat>>> β€” Breaking Views NL (@NlViews) January 7,> 2023

Poor Anouk πŸ™ˆ> #renze>>> β€” Noah Smits (@SmitsNoah) January 7,> 2023

Flowerpot.> #renze>> β€” Rick Boogerd (@BoogerdRick) January 7,> 2023

Lots of compliments on hair too

But Anouk also gets the compliments. “Everyone is pissing on her hair, but Ionly see a fantastic tough woman sitting there with a golden throat,” says aviewer. Others also think the ‘flower pot’ haircut is β€œgreat”. “Fair is fair,she can take it.”

Incidentally, hairstyles of celebrities often keep viewers busy. For example,a haircut by Johan Derksen last year caused the necessary frowning eyebrows.

I’m just switching to> #renze and> see #anouk> right away #herb> haircut!> But fair is fair she can take it!>> β€” Rian Bartelen (@catrian) January 7,> 2023

Everyone is pissing on her hair but I only see a fantastic tough woman> sitting there with a golden> throat.#renze> #anouk> #vval>> β€” Yvette van Kampen πŸ•ŠπŸŒπŸŽ— (@YvvOnFire) January 7,> 2023

Okay. So I’m the only one who has the haircut of> #anouk> love it!> #renze>> β€” Sjoerd Beek (@BeekSjoerd) January 7,> 2023

Am I the only guy who thinks that> @Anouk the> #pony> rocks?!> πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š#renze> #friendsvanamstel>>> β€” * (@Soul7Food) January 7,> 2023

Anouk goes into number with Emma Heesters

The singer told Race on Saturday that she is doing well and that the songsfor her new album are finished. She is going to Prague next month to recordthe songs with an orchestra. It will not be a commercial record, she toldpresenter Renze Klamer.

“I also think I’m losing heavily.” It will be a ‘cinematic’ record, she lifteda corner of the veil. β€œIt sometimes looks a bit like an old Disney movie. Alittle bit crazy.”

Anouk also commented on the song ‘With you I can handle it’, which shereleased together with Emma Heesters. She never thought she would sing thesong with a woman, because she actually wanted to record it with a man.Organizer Machiel Hofman of De Vrienden van Amstel Live eventually suggestedsomething different to her and that is how singer Emma Heesters came into the