5 hidden gems on Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ you need to see (week 1 of 2023)

Nothing is more annoying if you’ve just finished watching a series or movieand you don’t know which series to start next. After all, you don’t want tostart a bad series, because your time is scarce. The problem is that many goodseries disappear from our retina and end up in the archives of the well-knownstreaming services.

And that’s why this category is a godsend, because Streamwijzer lists 5 pearlsevery week that you may have forgotten or don’t know at all, but where you canstart right away.

5x Hidden gems: films and series that you should actually see on Netflix,HBO Max and Disney + (week 1 of 2023)

5. Lady Chatterley’s Lover (movie, 2022) – Netflix

Recently, the brand new costume drama Lady Chatterley’s Lover appeared onNetflix. Emma Corrin, who you may recognize from her role as Princess Diana inThe Crown, plays Connie. When she marries Sir Clifford Chatterley and takesthe title Lady Chatterley, a rich and privileged life seems to lie ahead ofher, but an affair with an employee of the estate could throw a spanner in theworks.

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4. Barbarian (movie, 2022) – Disney+

Reviewers called it “the best horror movie of 2022”, others called it “thescariest movie of the year”. We are of course talking about Barbarian. In thisfilm, a young woman arrives at an Airbnb in the middle of the night only todiscover that the cottage has been double booked. Suddenly she has to shareher sleeping place with a complete stranger. The lead roles are played byGeorgina Campbell (Black Mirror), Bill Skarsgård (clown Pennywise in the Itseries) and Justin Long (Die Hard 4.0).

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3. The Last Movie Stars (series, 1 season) – HBO Max

Actor and filmmaker Ethan Hawke started work in 2020 on a documentary aboutthe life of star actor Paul Newman and his wife, Oscar winner Joanne Woodward.With the help of George Clooney, Laura Linney and Oscar Isaac, the eventfullife of the two is reconstructed in the series The Last Movie Stars. Thedocuseries has received critical acclaim and is also popular with viewers;they give it an average of 8.1 on IMDb.

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2. National Treasure: Edge of History (series, season 1) – Disney+

A new series has recently been launched on Disney+ for fans of NationalTreasure and National Treasure: Books of Secret. National Treasure: Edge ofHistory follows the story of Jess as she searches for her family history whiletrying to find the greatest treasure in the world. By the way, there isalready talk of a third film in the series, but we will have to be patient forthat.

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1. Every Day (movie, 2018) – HBO Max

Every Day is a romantic movie that has recently been released on HBO Max. Whensixteen-year-old Rhiannon’s boyfriend arrives at school one day confused, shesoon realizes that she is dealing with a wandering soul. ‘A’ wakes up in adifferent body every day. Not the easiest person to fall in love with, butRhiannon will be. Can they find each other every day and find a way to stillbe together?

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