BV 24/7. Anouk Matton enjoys a giant ice cream and Junior Planckaert and Pauline enjoy ‘James De Musical’ | Showbiz

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Anouk Matton (left) and Junior Planckaert and Pauline (right). © Instagram Anouk Matton @mattnworld and Instagram Pauline De Vos @devospauline

Sieg DeDoncker looking forward to the thrilling mid-season finale of ‘Family’.

The ‘Peace on Earth’ program is over. Host Sven DeLeijer is very grateful and shares a photo with the whole team.

Influencer Sarah Puttemans shows her look.

Kat Kerkhofs enjoy one girl night with friends in Turkey.

Ian Thomas has great news for his fans. “I know it’s been quiet around me and my music for a long time, but in 2023 we’re going to change that.”

Francesco Planckaert looks back at ‘James De Musical’ with some fun behind-the-scenes shots.

Junior Planckaert and his girlfriend Pauline De Vos also clearly enjoyed ‘James The Musical’. Pauline even knew host James Cooke to tie for a nice selfie.

Dieter Coppens clearly having a great time in Lapland.

Dieter Coppens in his Instagram Story.
Dieter Coppens in his Instagram Story. © Instagram Dieter Coppens @coppensdieter

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