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Ten years after his son died in an accident, former football pro, sportsdoctor and doping hunter Georg Trotter is approached to run a state-of-the-artsports clinic in the Austrian Alps. Here, injured football players are chasedback onto the field using state-of-the-art methods within a poop and a fart.Georg soon becomes suspicious: does the clinic really care about the well-being of the players?

The actors from The net: promised land. © Fox

The quick and the dead

Veronica Superguide Score: ★★★★

Ellen (Sharon Stone) is excellent as a tough gunfighter who enters a shootingcompetition organized by Herod (Gene Hackman). She still has a bone to pickwith him, but she must first survive the rest. One of them is Fee ‘The Kid’Herod (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is on a roll as Herod’s son. Priest Cort(Russell Crowe) is also forced to participate. The film pokes fun at all theclichés without ridiculing the genre. Gene Hackman is at his most evil andbest.

Big brother – start season 3

In 1999 we all sat open-mouthed in front of the tube for the mother of allreality series. Quite a bit crazy, because besides the necessary bickering andthe occasional lovemaking, really not a whistle happened in the house that waspacked with cameras. The Dutch-Flemish revival of Big brother is admittedlya bit more exciting with rather diverse candidates, but technically it is nota high-flyer. Nevertheless, RTL 5 and Play4 are once again joining forces fora fresh season.

Geraldine Kemper and Tatyana Beloy present Bigbrother.Geraldine Kemper and Tatyana Beloy present Big brother. © Play4

The thief, his wife and the canoe – first episode

After prison warden John Darwin and his wife Anne overplay their hand bybuying not one, but two houses on the British coast, they are financiallybankrupt. To prevent them from being driven straight into bankruptcy, Johncomes up with a plan: he decides to paddle to his so-called death in his redcanoe in order to collect the money from his life insurance policy.

Monica Dolan as Anne in The thief, his wife and thecanoe.Monica Dolan as Anne in The thief, his wife and the canoe. © TMDb

Tough as nails – first episode

As a garbage man, plumber and dock worker, the ten protagonists are out Toughas nails used to rolling up their sleeves, but this time more is expected ofthem than unloading a container or fitting a pipe. In the gruelingcompetition, the powerhouses are tested on their stamina and teamwork in anumber of individual challenges and group assignments. Jelka van Houten and -yes, there it is again – presenting Edson da Graça.

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