Frederike van Oordt (15) from Lelystad makes her film debut

Frederike van Oordt (15) from Lelystad made her first film debut at the end of2020: Mascotte. The film will be released in theaters at the end of thismonth. After more than two years of waiting, the film is finally coming out.At one point we had waited so long that I thought nothing would come of it, sothe news surprised me. It will be my first premiere. I’m really lookingforward to it!’

Mascotte is about a 17-year-old boy, Jerry Driessen, who thinks that in hisworld where possessions and appearance rule the roost, there is little placefor him. His desires pile up and he finds support only with his mother Abbey.

Frederike plays Emine Driessen, Jerry’s sister. ‘She’s 14 years old and lovesfursuits. Those are cosplay outfits, or costumes. But with fur.’ DoesFrederike recognize herself in Emine’s character? Not really. “We live in verydifferent situations. I think I’d be good friends with her if she reallyexisted.’


Frederike had her first audition in February 2020. She was 12 at the time. ‘Ididn’t expect much from it, because I often auditioned without results. Then Iwas invited for the second round and it went very well. After a few weeks myfather woke me up. He asked, “Do you want the part?” At the time I didn’t knowwhat role he meant. “The movie,” he replied. Of course I said yes. I evencried with joy.’

October was the first shooting day. ‘I found it very exciting, but the castand crew were very sweet, so I got used to it quickly. During the recordings Iwas allowed to play beautiful scenes and I was also allowed to do a fightscene. Not only do I have wonderful memories of shooting, but also of the castand crew. I am very grateful that I was given this opportunity.’

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In the cinema

Frederike watched the film for the first time on December 13, 2021, togetherwith the cast and crew. ‘It was very impressive. The editors had changed a lotin the editing, so I was surprised what happened in the movie. The end resultis amazing and I can’t wait for the world to see this too. Of course it’sstill crazy to see yourself on a huge screen. But that also makes it a lot offun.’

The film will not only be shown in the Netherlands in the cinema. It can alsobe seen at the American Slamdance Film Festival on January 20. ‘Soon I can beseen in America, how cool is that? My dream really comes true.’

Proud parents

Frederike’s parents, Peter and Caroline, are very proud. ‘We always were, butshe managed to surprise us again. She has been taking up her space veryconfidently on stage for years. And to be the only minor on such a set? That’spretty clever.’

For Caroline and Peter, the most important thing was to have confidence in theproducer, director and child counselor. ‘Frederike was 13 when the recordingsstarted. The director was convinced that the cast only performs optimally whenthey feel safe and valued. Together with the director, the child counselorkept a close eye on whether everyone observed the rules on the set. Thatallowed Frederike to enjoy everything she experienced.’

Different kind of sport

Frederike was already familiar with musicals. For example, she played as an11-year-old in the musical Nooit Gedacht Land. A new version of the well-knownstory that RTL Telekids Musical School and RTL Talent Academy realized. TheLelystedelinge got hold of one of the children’s leading roles.

‘Film is a completely different kind of sport than musicals,’ explains hermother Caroline. ‘In the theatre, things have to go right the first time.Scenes can be executed in different ways for the camera, to choose the bestone later. That was very instructive for her and for us as parents.’

Caroline and Peter were also allowed to see the film. ‘We didn’t keep it dry.The story is quite intense and it made us quite emotional to see her in herrole.’


Mascotte will premiere at the end of January or the beginning of February. Thefilm can then be seen in various cinemas in the Netherlands.