Prince Harry wants family back, but TV interviews don’t seem to help | Royal family

Prince Harry wants nothing more than to restore contact with his family, hesaid (again) in TV interviews on Sunday to promote his book. The British royaltakes part Reserve one remarkable anecdote after another and his family isnot spared. According to critics, the chance of reconciliation seems to begetting smaller and smaller.

Harry’s memoirs are in stores from Tuesday morning, but several passages havealready leaked. One thing is certain: the prince does not mince words. Williamin particular has to pay for it. According to Harry, his brother physicallyassaulted him.

The book was finished in the summer, even before Queen Elizabeth’s death inSeptember. It was expected that Harry would be a bit milder in interviewsafter the loss of his grandmother. “After Elizabeth passed away, Harry spenttime with his family. You’d think he’d choose his words a little morecarefully after that,” writes Sky News in an analysis.

“But that was absolutely out of the question. He continues to hang out thedirty laundry. And the worst part is that this overshadows the saddest story:the loss of his mother.”

Among other things, the prince speaks with little love about Camilla, the wifeof his father Charles since 2005. “She was the enemy,” the prince told ITV.”She had to fix her image.”

I get why Harry is sharing this. But the way he does that, he smashes his> own glasses.

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Camilla, now queen consort, had an affair with (then) Prince Charles foryears. That made her unpopular with the general public. Nor with Harry, it nowappears. “It was dangerous because she wanted to get a white foot with thepress. She was therefore open to exchanging information. And that could claimvictims.”

According to the prince, his older brother William would do the same:deliberately share information about Harry, for example. In return, the mediawould spare William and write nothing negative about him.

Harry describes that relationship with the press as “making a pact with thedevil”. “If you think you should do that to polish your image. Well, that’s achoice. But if you also discredit others… I would never do that myself.”

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‘Terrible’ reactions after Elizabeth’s death

The British royal says that this also happened after his grandmother Elizabethdied. The family reunited shortly after her death. Harry expected them tomourn and reminisce. “But they reacted horribly to it. There was only talk ofbriefings, information was deliberately leaked to the press. I was like,aren’t we here to celebrate grandma’s life?”

Harry denies that he is out to put his family in a bad light. “Certainly notmy stepmother,” says the prince. “I want to restore the bond, but I do thinkthey should take responsibility for what they’ve done. If it’s up to me, I’llforgive them everything. I want my dad back, I want my brother back. But fornow that’s it not in it, because it remains silent from their side.”

Critics say it will stay that way for some time to come. “I understand whyHarry is sharing this. But the way he does it makes him throw his ownglasses,” says the British newspaper’s royalty reporter The Independent.

Even the most ardent royalty fans feel they’ve been given an information> overload.

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Harry also joined the American talk show 60 Minutes , where journalistAnderson Cooper dared to be a bit bolder than his British colleague from ITV.For example, he asked Harry to cry when he heard that his mother had died.

The prince then told how he dealt with Diana’s death in his twenties. He foundit hard to cry about it at the time. “So I started drinking heavily, and alsodoing drugs. While watching videos of my mom online. Maybe that brought tearsto my eyes.” Therapy helped him, as did his time in the military. “I was faraway from the British press, I finally felt normal. And I had a purpose in