Wie is de Mol viewers see striking hints pointing to mole

Last night millions of people were back in front of the tube for the start of the 23rd season of Who is the mole?. And of course every viewer sees hidden hints, striking symbols and other clues that lead to the final mole. Although they are different for everyone.

Part of the viewers is already certain: the mole is Olympic swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo. And that has everything to do with the very first assignment of this season. Because there was something that pointed very strongly in the direction of the swimmer.

The phone call to the Wie is de Mol? candidates

In the first episode, things went a little differently than we are used to from the makers of Who is the mole?. We saw how the candidates were put together one by one in a room with a telephone and got to know each other there. It led to some inconvenience, because the candidates themselves had not expected this.

After some buzz, the phone rang. In the end, that happened ten times: each candidate was told by Everon Jackson Hooi, the mole from the previous season, what his or her role would be in the game. Until then, the mole did not know that he or she would be the saboteur of the game. “It’s about time you put on your poker face,” the former mole tipped the candidates during every call.

Twitter isn’t Twitter if viewers don’t run off with the images.

During the call, some viewers heard something striking. Everon reports to the candidates at the end that he has handed over the baton to the new mole. But the way he says that, viewers find suspicious. Soy Kroon in particular has to suffer, who is the most suspected nationally, judging by the figures in the Who is the moleapp.

Because Everon says something that points strongly in the direction of the actor.

The Olympic rings of ‘mole’ Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Then it will be switched to the old historic center of Cape Town, South Africa. There on the Western Cape the game takes place this season. There are five boxes through the center, with two candidates in each box. They need to know how to play out of the box. In the end, four candidates succeed, who also arrive at the place where they should end up. This way they win 500 euros for the pot.

But the game seems to hold clear hints, viewers say. There are five colors on the box, exactly the same colors as the colors in the Olympic rings: blue, yellow, black, green and red. And which of the candidates has something to do with the Olympic Games? Triple Olympic champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Twitter users know. Although some find it “very easy”.

They think it’s time for a female mole again. In the past ten seasons, it was mainly men who sabotaged the game.

Second assignment and ‘a bit of luck’?

But other viewers see very different hints and clues. In the second assignment, five candidates have to sing along with a beautiful South African choir and a conductor has to pick them out when they walk by singing. That ends surprisingly well for the candidates: the man manages to pick ‘only’ two candidates who do not belong to the choir.

Before that, this conductor had said that he “hopes for a bit of luck”. And that, according to viewers, indicates that the mole must be Jurre Geluk. The fact that he was sitting on a chair with number 13 during the episode is also suspicious to some viewers.

This candidate must Wie is de Mol? leave. Or not?

Finally, the test must be done. Who do the candidates themselves suspect? Unfortunately (spoiler alert) the curtain falls for Sarah Janneh. He gets to see the well-known red screen of presenter Rik van de Westelaken, because she would have made the test the least well.

But does she really have to get out? At the end of the episode, she receives a letter and a phone call informing her that she still has a chance to get back into the game.

Viewers see clues in the episode’s intro and title

Some viewers notice that someone is sitting by the campfire in the hotel where Sarah gets the announcement. Some say it concerns Nabil, others suspect Daniel Verlaan. The tech journalist is more often suspected by viewers anyway. They see hints in the intro and in the title of the episode that point to the journalist.

He would also have sung along with a Britney Spears song during the music assignment. “I’m not so innocent”, he would have sung. “That is typically something you will see in the last episode when the mole is revealed,” says a viewer.

Those viewers suspect less include Sander de Kramer, Froukje de Both and Nabil Aoulad Ayad. Spoke with the last two participants Subway about their adventure in South Africa.

Watch the first episode of Wie is de Mol? back here.

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