First Dates viewers don’t understand one thing after restaurant renovation

The new First Datesseason started yesterday. And regular viewers will notice: the restaurant has been renovated. Although most viewers are positive about the change, there is one thing they absolutely do not like. “Such a wrong Dutch cowardice.”

For ten seasons, singles have been going on dates in the well-known restaurant to find love there, but things are different in the new season. For example, the decor has been adjusted: fresher colors have been added, more greenery, new furniture and a completely new layout. The restaurant now looks a lot more modern and even cozier.

Although this is of course already quite a change in the program, it does not stop there. It also adds a new element First Dates added. The singles who have gone on a date can decide at the end of their date whether they want to have another drink with each other or whether they want to go out on the town together.

Mostly positive reactions after the renovation of the First Dates restaurant

Viewers can appreciate the changes to the decor. But it also takes some getting used to, some say. They compare it to the renovation of the local supermarket. “The complete First Datesrestaurant has been overhauled. This feels just like when my regular supermarket suddenly changed its layout completely. NOTHING IS RIGHT! Lost everything! Error-error-error.”

There is one element that viewers absolutely cannot appreciate: ‘I can’t!’

Viewers are generally positive about the changes, but there’s one thing they don’t like. And that has to do with the wardrobe. “It’s a pity that there seems to have been no more budget for decent clothes hangers instead of those dry cleaning boys. Does it look so beautiful and then that”, someone responds.

wardrobe first dates new season tv
The messy wardrobe came into view several times. Source: First Dates

Another First Datesviewer says: “A new season, a more luxurious interior, all nice. But, then your wardrobe has those terribly cheap clothes hangers. Such a bad Dutch knucklehead… Too bad.” Another says that the makers should therefore no longer film there. “Those hangers for the coats are really not possible!”

The new season of First Dates can be seen every working day at 7.30 pm on NPO 3. Watch episode 1 here.

Fresh look and new element in the new season of First Dates

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First Dates viewers don’t understand one thing after restaurant renovation

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