Former James Bond nominates perfect successor Daniel Craig

Fifty years ago, the then 29-year-old George Lazenby played the role of James Bond for one film, succeeding Sean Connery. Now he also has an idea about who should succeed Daniel Craig this time: Liam Hemsworth.

Daniel Craig stole the show Glass Onions, the Netflix film in which the British actor plays a detective far from the role that dominates his CV. Then we are of course talking about James Bond, the role that Craig said goodbye to in 2021 No Time to Die.

Who will be the next James Bond?

The end of an era. But not the end for James Bond himself. Well before Craig left the studio for the last time, speculation started about who will succeed him. And how. The British (gossip) press has been talking about it continuously for years, and betting shops are tumbling over each other in an attempt to identify the clear winner.

We’ve seen many names pass by, from Idris Elba to Henry Cavill. At this point, the odds of the bookies especially on Bullet Trainstar Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Emily in Parishunk Lucien Laviscount. They are 32 and 30 years old respectively. So youngsters, but Bond producers have already emphasized that they want to go for a younger talent this time.

George Lasenby

However, it can be even younger. George Lazenby, the man who played the role of James Bond once in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), was 29 years old when he made his debut as the iconic secret agent. Now, fifty years later, the Australian actor also has his ideas about who should be the next James Bond.

According to the former Bond, you can immediately forget Taylor-Johnson and Laviscount. He has his eye on another big name: Liam Hemsworth.

Yes, the little brother of Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth, and also the future successor to Henry Cavill in The Witcher. If it were up to the now 83-year-old ex-Bond, Liam would also succeed Daniel Craig.

George Lazenby James Bond Liam Hemsworth
George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Image: EON)

Liam Hemsworth: the perfect option?

Speaking to TMZ, Lazenby explains that the fellow Australian deserves the role for several reasons. First, Hemsworth has a ton of acting experience, despite his age (29). Secondly, he has a lot of experience dealing with the press and the absurd amount of attention Bond actors get. Liam is used to being under a magnifying glass, especially now with The Witcher.

Lazenby is also not afraid to compliment himself. He emphasizes that Hemsworth is still young enough to play the role for a decade without his young, good looks to lose, just like George himself. In his own words, of course.

George and Liam are both from Australia, but Australia is part of the British Commonwealth, so according to Lazenby, a “handsome Aussie guy” like Liam fits the bill. According to the 83-year-old actor, a Bond “must be crazy enough, arrogant enough, confident enough and ambitious enough to take on the role.” A checklist that Liam ticks off with ease, according to Lazenby.

Liam Hemsworth The Witcher
Liam Hemsworth (Image: VALERIE MACON / AFP)


Thanks for the advice, George. In any case, the best man wishes the person who will take over from Daniel Craig good luck, whoever it may be. Earlier, the Bond actor indicated during an interview that it could be a woman as far as he is concerned, but Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has made it clear that they are going for a male actor again.

It remains, unfortunately, a matter of waiting patiently. In the meantime, comments from former Bonds and betting offices remain mostly speculation, wishful thinking and noise. Oh well, at least it’s entertaining.

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Former James Bond nominates ‘perfect successor’ Daniel Craig

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