The Complaint That Makes All Fans Angry

Another complaint about House of the Dragon. Have you seen the latestepisode of the Game of Thrones prequel? We haven’t yet, but there are otherviewers expressing their dismay. “Far too dark, I just sit there looking atmyself for an hour.”

Fans of the series didn’t keep their thumbs up on Twitter to complain aboutthe terrible lighting in the seventh episode.

It was like déjà vu (or not?). Luckily it wasn’t as bad as in Game ofThrones. When the white walkers Finally at the gates of Winterfell for thelong-awaited epic battle for the survival of Westeros, the creators couldn’tthink of anything better to turn off the lights for an hour. The outrage onsocial media at the time was (rightly) great.

You can say what you want about it Family Guy but not that they don’t hitthe nail on the head here:

House of the Dragon too dark

Yesterday too, fans took to Twitter en masse, mainly to file a publiccomplaint about one lengthy scene.

We want to reveal as little as possible about the content of the episode,except that the plot has shifted up a gear and seems to be building towards agory climax. Sorry about this “creative” decision.

The originalTheoriginal The finalversionThefinal version

In the left image you can see how the original was shot, so in daylight. Thisoften happens with large productions, mainly because there is better lightingduring the day and a lot can be adjusted during editing. With night shots,there is less creative flexibility.

The image on the right is the final result on your screen (and that is if youhave a good TV at home). Again something that went wrong during the assemblyphase. Tip for the people who haven’t seen the episode -or badly- yet: go tothe screen settings on your television and increase the brightness. And justto be safe, close your curtains.

Public complaint about House of the Dragon on Twitter

On to some complaints on Twitter from fans who have stared blindly. Unlike thecolors in the previous episode, the sarcasm really shines here.

i love tv! i love to look at it and see it and just look at that screen and> see all the things on that screen hoo boy it’s so fun>>> — Kathryn VanArendonk (@kvanaren) October 3,> 2022

My favorite scene of tonight’s> #HouseOfTheDragon>>> — Alan Sepinwall (@sepinwall) October 3,> 2022

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON continuing the classic Thrones tradition of making an> episode so dark it’s almost unwatchable>>> — Brendan Hodges (@metaplexmovies) October 3,> 2022

You can also just work on yourself during the episode. Every disadvantage hasits advantage.

Those episodes of House of the Dragon are sometimes so dark that I just sit> there watching myself for an hour>> — Devi Heller (@deviheller) October 3,> 2022

The fans above can still laugh about it, but there are also some with lesssense of humor:

The nighttime visuals in House of the Dragon are simply too dark. These> scenes would be so epic if I could actually see what was happening>> — lil (she/her) (@lilly_is_silly) October 3,> 2022

This episode of House of the Dragon is so dark it’s unwatchable. Might as> well just turn off my screen and listen to it at this point.>> — cabral (@comradeaux) October 3,> 2022

House of the Dragon is literally the DARKEST show I’ve ever watched. I> cannot see SHIT.>> — N (@nastassiachanel) October 3,> 2022

And these House of the Dragon fans had (not) seen the light before:

Another month of Amazon Prime coming soon. I’m guessing there’s a little> more visible on ‘The Rings of Power’. ‘House of the Dragon’ I call after 1> episode. Don’t feel like looking at some flickering candles on a dark screen> and guessing what’s happening.>> — Wouter de Boer (@weedebee) September 24,> 2022

How dark do those people from House Of The Dragon want to make that series??> I don’t see shit>> — Mark van der Molen (@MarkvdMolen) Sep 9,> 2022

In addition, HBO’s social media managers apparently didn’t feel like workingovertime. Or the answer to the complaints was already at hand, of course.copy , pasta , done. Time to clock out and go to _House of the Dragon_to watch!

love the HBO account having a prewritten response to “god damn no one can> see shit on your show it’s too dark” comments>>> — Brandon Hardin (@hardin) October 3,> 2022

Keeping Game of Thrones tradition alive

It’s not the first time House of the Dragon honors a tradition of itspopular predecessor Game of Thrones. CGI blunders are no stranger to the twoseries either. And have you seen the parody with Kim Targashian? Meet theTargashians!