Lawyer: ‘Danny de Munk will not be prosecuted for rape due to insufficient evidence’ | show

The investigation into the report of rape against Danny de Munk has been terminated early due to insufficient evidence. Royce de Vries, lawyer for the 52-year-old singer, reports this in a press release. De Munk: ‘I don’t feel happy, especially because this false accusation has destroyed so much in my private and business life.’

The vice squad has informed lawyers Royce de Vries and Annemiek van Spanje that the investigation into the report of rape against Danny de Munk has ended prematurely. There is insufficient evidence. De Munk is therefore no longer regarded as a suspect and will not be questioned by the police or prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service.

In June it came out that a woman had reported rape against De Munk. The victim is said to have worked closely with him about fifteen years ago on the musical Ciske de Rat. De Munk has always denied the woman’s accusations.

De Munk responds in a statement: ,,It is the confirmation of something I already knew. I have said from the outset that I was not guilty of a sex crime. I therefore feel no joy, especially since this false accusation has destroyed so much privately and professionally. I have experienced the accusations in the media as a great injustice, but I would also like to express my gratitude for the support I have received from all over the country in recent times.”

De Munk previously stated in court that the media attention since the accusation is ‘an attack on his family and career’. “My wife and children get the most horrible curses at their heads. That’s why I choose the flight forward and I’m not going to watch my family and my career be destroyed.”

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De Munk still wants to have the declarant heard under oath

Lawyers Royce de Vries and Annemiek van Spanje add in the press release that the case that De Munk brought about the public hearing of the alleged victim in order to prove his innocence will be continued. “The court has previously been requested to hear the declarant under oath in order to get to the bottom of the matter. This wish of De Munk remains undiminished.” The court in Amsterdam will rule on this on December 1.

De Munk has indicated that he does not want to give interviews for the time being. In the coming period he will mainly focus on his family, his personal recovery and that of his career.

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