Five Brabanders in WIDM: ‘Thanks to their geniality, they have an extra chance’

The new season of the immensely popular TV program Wie is de Mol? Five well-known people from Brabant are among the candidates: Nabil Aoulad Ayad, SarahJanneh, Daniël Verlaan, Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Soy Kroon. Brabant formercandidates Robèrt van Beckhoven, Patrick Martens and former mole Patrick Stoofare already speculating.

Although it has been a while since he participated (2012), Patrick Stoof isalready feeling the mole jitters: “That will stay, I really feel like itagain.”

Patrick Martens is very much looking forward to the opening of the program.“That is always the most spectacular.” He found the best opening of the 2018season in Georgia. “It is almost unbeatable. All candidates were in differentcountries. That was so strong!”

“I wonder how it will do.”

Patrick Martens is especially curious about Soy Kroon: “Soy is a friend ofmine, so I am very curious who he is in this program. What role will he playthere?”

He is not the only one who looks expectantly at the Eindhoven GTST actor. Evenbefore a minute of the program has been broadcast, Soy is already high in thesuspect lists. But not on Patrick Stoof’s: “Of course you never know, but Iwould find Soy a real winner.”

As a fellow Oisterwijker, Robèrt van Beckhoven has aimed his arrows atKlokhuis presenter Sarah Janneh. “Yes, I wonder how it will do. She also comesfrom Oisterwijk, so that’s what we’re going for,” he says enthusiastically.

“With every assignment I think: I would have liked to have done that!”

The three former participants all look back enthusiastically on their ownseasons. “People sometimes ask what I would like to do again and then I alwayssay Who is the Mole?”, says Robèrt. “It is such an honor when they ask you.”

“It’s always easier on the couch than sitting there,” notes Patrick Martens.“There is a lot of chaos in the game. Everything happens at once. You have tofocus on the games and the people. When I look now, I think especially withevery assignment: I would have liked to have done that too!”

“Even as an ex-mole, I have no idea who it could be.”

Although he knows it’s pointless, Patrick Stoof speculates with love: “Danielis an investigative journalist, I think he gets a bit loosened up”, it sounds.“Or Ranomi, who is resistant to stress and should not be underestimated”, hecontinues enthusiastically. “I know Annick well. I would think that would be afantastic mole.”

The fact that he was once a mole himself doesn’t really help him speculate.“Last year I didn’t realize it was Everon Jackson Hay. But that’s the fun! Asan ex-mole I have no idea, and neither does the viewer.”

He does notice that he sits in front of the TV differently: “I really look atwhat good places are for a mole to sit during the assignments.”

“That friendly Brabant people, that can work to our advantage.”

The former participants agree that the Brabant sociability always comes inhandy in a game like Wie is de Mol. Patrick Stoof: “Maybe it’s nonsense, butthat friendly atmosphere that they always accuse us of can work to youradvantage. In addition to the whole game, I also found it very pleasant, whichalso made me less suspicious.”