VRT big glutton, no Niels Destadsbader and HLN also has a chance: these are the nominees for the new ‘Kastaars!’ | TV

TVThe nominees for the ‘Kasaars!’ Are known. The new media awards, which willbe presented on 28 January, are divided into eight audience awards and threejury awards. VRT brands are best represented, Danira Boukhriss and Erik VanLooy each have three nominations, Niels Destadsbader, Koen Wauters and KarlVannieuwkerke are notable for their absence. HLN was also nominated twice, inthe categories ‘best podcast’ and ‘best online video series’.

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Most popular “TV Show,” “Radio Show,” “Fiction Series,” “Personality,””Podcast,” “Online Series,” “TV Moment,” and “TV Contestant.” These are theeight public prizes awarded in the first edition of the ‘Kastaars’. Inaddition, a jury also awards three prizes for ‘breakthrough’, ‘career’ and akind of special ‘jury mention’. The number of VRT brands is striking in thatlist of 80 nominations. 38 of the 80 nominees are associated with publicbroadcasting, compared to 17 nominations for VTM brands, 16 for SBS and 9 forother brands. This difference is particularly noticeable in the categories’radio’ and ‘fiction’, which is logical because the public broadcaster hasmany more radio stations than the competition and has been specializing inhome-grown fiction for years.

Also noteworthy: in the list of most popular media personalities of the year,there is only one VTM face with Dina Tersago. Big guns like Niels Destadsbaderand Koen Wauters cannot be found. The former nevertheless presented the mostwatched program of 2022 with ‘The Masked Singer’, Wauters was not connected toa major program last year – apart from being a coach in ‘The Voice’. Anothernotable absentee from that list is Karl Vannieuwkerke. With programs such as’Villa Sporza’ and ‘Vive Le velo’ he mastered the busy sports year, but he didnot get a nomination. The names that appear most frequently in the list areErik Van Looy and Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis. They are both in the list ofthe most popular ‘media personality’, ‘TV participant’ and ‘TV moment’ of theyear.

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Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis and Erik Van Looy © Play4/RV

Like-tuned violins

The nominees have been determined by the research agency iVOX. “Twice a year -once after the TV spring and once after the TV autumn – they conducted asurvey among all layers of the Flemish population,” says Luc Appermont, whochairs a nine-member jury that includes Nora Gharib. , Goedele Liekens and TimVan Aelst. Appermont, winner of fourteen Golden Eyes in the not so distantpast, also says that he really believes in the new Flemish media awards. “Itis the very first time that all media groups have rallied behind such aninitiative,” it sounds. “In all previous awards, the collaboration alwaysjumped off the differences between the public and commercial broadcasters, butnow violins are finally aligned.”

The forerunner of the ‘Kastaars’, the Flemish television stars, died a quietdeath five years ago. The viewing figures of the ceremony – broadcastalternately by VTM and VRT and later also VIER – ebbed away, while the costsremained the same. The last Flemish television stars were awarded out of sightof the cameras in 2018 during a guest lecture in an auditorium of GhentUniversity.

Two editions

This time, all major media groups (DPG Media, VRT, SBS) are supporting theelection that will be broadcast simultaneously on 28 January on all major TVchannels, radio stations and online video and news platforms. According to theorganizers, the next two editions are already fixed, on Saturday 27 January2024 and Saturday 25 January 2025.

Discover all the nominees below, in random order. You can vote untilThursday 19 January via kastaars.be.

Television program of 2022

The masked singer (VTM) The smartest person in the world (Play4) The Mole (Play4) Down the road (One) Restaurant misunderstanding (One) Code of Coppens (VTM) Travel Waes (One) The Ideal World (Canvas) Taboo (One) James the Musical (Play4)

Media personality of 2022

James Cooke (SBS) Dieter Coppens (VRT) Fien Germijns (VRT) Erik Van Looy (SBS) Philippe Geubels (VRT) Gert Verhulst (SBS) Tom Waes (VRT) Danira Bouhkriss Terkessidis (VRT) Dina Tersago (VTM) Siska Schoeters (VRT)

Fiction Series of 2022

Thirties (One) Chantal (One) Uncles (Play4/Streamz) Home (One) Family (VTM) Under Fire (One) Undercover (One) The kotmadam (VTM) Déjà vu (Streamz) Two Summers (One)

Radio program of 2022

The Inspector (Radio2) Maarten & Dorothee (Qmusic) The morning (Studio Brussels) Sophie’s world (Radio 1) Sven & Anke (Joe) Radio2 hit mix with Anja Daems (Radio2) The timeless (Studio Brussels) Raf & Rani (Joe) Generation M (MNM) Kawtar & Keyaert (MNM)

Online video series of 2022

Dany’s Choice (HLN) Average Rob The Smartest 20 (GoPlay) Behind the mask (VTM GO) Camille – Welcome to my life (VTM GO) #BelRiadh (VRT NWS) Roomies (VRT MAX) Security Checkers (VTM GO ) 2DESIT (Streamz) Victor vs Francesco (GoPlay)

Podcast of 2022

The Crown Witnesses (HLN) The Very Last Witnesses (HLN) Björn in the USA (VRT NWS) Nerdland weekly overview with Lieven Scheire (Qmusic) Lotte goes deep (MNM) The voices of assizes (Het Nieuwsblad) The ten most googled questions (Qmusic) Merry misers (Het Nieuwsblad) The Legend of Zillion (Studio Brussels) Welcome to the AA

Contestant of 2022

Princess Delphine in Dancing with the Stars (Play4) Bart Cannaerts in The smartest person in the world (Play4) The Cast of Restaurant Misunderstanding (One) Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis in The smartest person in the world (Play4) Miss Poes Camille Dhont in The Masked Singer (VTM) Brecht & Dziubi in Married Blind (VTM) Radish Erik Van Looy in The Masked Singer (VTM) Tom Waes as a doorman in Those were the Days (VRT MAX) The moms from Caring for mom (One) Foster mother Ingrid in Taxi Joris (Canvas)

Media moment of 2022

Unexpected turn: Philippe leaves De mol (Play4) Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis wins The smartest person in the world (Play4) The unmasking of Conner Rousseau in The Masked Singer (VTM) The hottest week (VRT) Viv and Lowie break up in tears in Home (One) Farewell to memé Clara in Château Planckaert (One) The Radio 1 session with Arno (Radio 1) After years, Erik Van Looy sees The Village People cowboy in James the musical(Play4) Caroline wants to quit Bought Blind because she’s not happy with a milliondollar house (Play4) Satte madammen from The ideal world laughing with FC De Kampioenen (Canvas)