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KortrijkDick Descamps (56), he has been playing music for almost forty years and is currently bass player in singer-frontman Luc Dufourmont’s bands Two Russian Cowboys and IDIOTS, surprised with Lone Woof. “For me, this solo project means just making music, without having to make compromises like in a band. There is nothing wrong with that, but I also like to do my own thing once in a while,” says de Kortrijkzaan. He immediately presents a surprising EP with Lone Woof.

His first performance with guitar was at Sint-Amands Primary School Noord in Kortrijk. “I don’t really remember why it eventually became the bass guitar, but I have always been a fan of Gene Simmons from hard rock band Kiss and also grew up with art rock band The Residents and the American rock band ZZ Top. It is a wonderful instrument.”

“Without a bass player, a song collapses. I always try to make sure there’s a groove in it, along with the drummer, as the backbone of a band. Put me in the back, I’m reluctant on a stage. It’s a character trait of mine and often also something general, as a bass player”, says Dick Descamps, who reached the finals of Humo’s Rock Rally in 1990 as bass player of the then rock group Ugly Papas.

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Dick Descamps, at IDIOTS. Archive image © Henk Deleu

Dick Descamps also played (as a replacement) in 1997 with Loamy Soil, now known worldwide as electro rock band Goose, he played with Ozark Henry from 1998 to 2010, he was with The Whodads (surf and mambo) from Ghent from 1997 to 2015… “ My strength? I have a good sound, I know how to add value to a song. And I never obediently follow patterns, I often look for adventure with surprising bass lines,” says Dick Descamps, who now continues that sense of adventure with his own solo project Lone Woof. He set up a music room at his home to record records himself.


Lone Woof sounds funky and danceable. It leans towards Electric Dance Music

Dick Descamps

And so there is now the first EP with six songs, from Lone Woof. “I like working with samples, I’m not a singer and I know my limitations. Lone Woof sounds funky and is very danceable. It leans towards Electric Dance Music (EDM), with influences from American musician Moby and English musician Fatboy Slim, among others. A surprising genre, for those who know me, but do not forget that I am also a deejay in addition to bass player, such as in Den Bras pub in Kortrijk. It is also by deejaying that creativity keeps coming,” says Descamps.

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Dick Descamps (second from left), several years ago with IDIOTS
Dick Descamps (second from left), several years ago with IDIOTS © Henk Deleu

His first EP can be listened to on the streaming services Spotify and Deezer. “I throw a straw to anyone who might be interested. It’s not my intention to get all the way to the fore with Lone Woof, but I don’t want to stay on the sidelines with it either. The project can play a supporting role, for example to write songs for television series.”


I worked on two songs with Cleo, daughter of Luc Dufourmont. She has a beautiful voice. ‘Mol’ Uma Vandemaele also cooperates. Their drive, ideas and enthusiasm are refreshing

Dick Descamps

“And who knows, there will be an LP or a DJ set in a limited edition, without performing live with Lone Woof. Let me make music alone, in my room. It’s my own playground. Super fun. Compare it to visiting amusement park Bellewaerde on your own, while all attractions are open. Although I certainly don’t do everything alone, on the contrary. For example, I worked on two songs with Cleo, the daughter of Luc Dufourmont. She has a beautiful voice. And ‘Mol’ Uma Vandemaele also cooperates. Very nice to involve such young people in Lone Woof. Their drive, ideas and enthusiasm are refreshing. And vice versa, they gain experience with me.”

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Lone Woof
Lone Woof © Lone Woof

Listen to Lone Woof on Spotify: click here

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